samedi 26 février 2011


I've been playing Singed lately, and I must say he is OPTI. he has a spell to slow down the enemy, one to control them (trow them over the shoulder) and poison to bring the enemy PV to a very low level if they chase him. His ulti is a potion of rage that bumps up all his stats...
Play his, upgrade the mouvment speed and the antimagic armour, get a bit of AP too, i suggest the scepter of abyss, and the banshee. If you fight tryndamere or twitch or miss fortune or who ever who has a lot of physical dmg... get a spike mail. End game you should be able to take the whole team, not kill them, but take them, play around with them and put them all < 15% HP. Then OS them with your control grip...External Image

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